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In this brief video, Michael introduces the Energized Approach®, a powerful strategy that has helped hundreds of companies engage employees at every level of their organization.

Those in a position of responsibility are often faced with the monumental task of "introducing change" and "getting people on board" Inviting participation in a new program or initiative can be daunting and time consuming. The Energized Approach by Michael Melnik helps companies "generate and capture" the energy needed for the success of any program or initiative. In this fun, high energy and information packed session Michael introduces the 10 essential energy sources and demonstrates how this time-tested approach reduces resistance and maximizes participation. As a keynote or closing presentation Michael reminds participants that once they leave the conference they will be faced with the challenge of implementing much of what they learned at the event. The Energized Approach energizes participants and offers them a strategy that helps them leave the event ready to create a work environment that is primed for action.

Organizations continuously introduce new programs, policies and initiatives with high hopes of success. All too often, expectations turn to frustration when resistance kicks in. People do not typically resist because the change itself is bad, but because of how an organization develops, implements and supports (or doesn't support) it. The Energized Approach by Michael Melnik was created to "generate and capture" the energy needed for the success of any program or initiative.

In this session, powerful, fun and high energy session Michael introduces the 10 essential Energy Sources, and demonstrates how energy can be harnessed through The Energized Approach, and "REP; The Rational, Emotional and Physical Approach to Effective Change". This time-tested strategy helps organizations focus attention on how change is introduced and supported, yielding increased participation, reduced resistance, and an environment with participants at all levels who are motivated, receptive and open to change.

The goal of a conference is to send participants home energized and ready to put their newfound information to use. Unfortunately, the demands of the event can make this difficult to achieve. Sitting in sessions, standing in exhibit areas and changes in sleeping, eating and exercise patterns can drain participants of the energy needed to remain engaged. In this fun, funny and high energy session Michael offers several simple and practical tips that will help participants get the most out of the conference experience and head home energized and ready to put what they've learned into action

For years, the delivery of information has been the method of choice for inviting new behaviors. Unfortunately, it's clear that there's a huge difference between what employees know, and what they do with what they know. While information certainly has value, its impact is influenced not only by the quantity of content delivered, but also by how it's developed, delivered, supported and received! In this session Michael introduces REP; The "Rational, Emotional and Physical" approach to effective training. This fun, high energy session takes a humorous look at training and offers insights and strategies for training that not only influence what participants know, but also what they do with what they know.

This is by far Michael's most requested employee presentation. For years, organizations have tried desperately to teach employees the "right" way to lift, the "proper" sitting posture and how to stretch to reduce the risk of injury. Despite these exhaustive efforts, the number of strains and sprains remains relatively unchanged. It's time for a change. Is it possible that there isn't a "right" way to lift and that maybe the way in which we are trying to influence employee behaviors in the workplace needs a major face-lift? This high energy, fun and interactive session examines the myths and misconceptions surrounding "proper" body mechanics and offers practical and effective strategies to reduce claims and increase productivity and comfort.