Client Testimonials:

Let me ease your mind and tell you that you cannot go wrong bringing Michael in to present to your audience. He is by far the highest rated, most consistently solid speaker we have had present to our client companies over the past 20 years. His message and style are fantastic! Hire him!

Andy Johnson, ARM, CSP

Executive Vice President-Principal,

Captive Resources, LLC.

Michael's presentations have had a large impact on our company. His effective use of humor and ability to connect with all levels of an organization has been instrumental in promoting positive changes in the work environment. His entertaining style made participants think they were at a comedy club, but with one important difference; they were learning while they were laughing! Even a year later, people still speak of the concepts and examples from his presentations.

Chuck Kendall

Corporate Health and Safety Manager,

Land O' Lakes, Inc.

I am writing to provide a professional reference for Michael Melnik. He has spoken at several of our Risk Control Workshops and always delivers an energetic and captivating presentation. Michael is a vibrant speaker that has the skills to addresses an audience of any size with relevant, and resourceful topics. His vast knowledge and lively nature connect with the audience members and keeps them engaged.

One of things I love most about Michael's presentations is that his audience leaves feeling motivated and equipped with the knowledge and tools to implement changes that may be needed. Michael is a talented speaker with a unique ability to capture his audience. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for your organization.

Tracy Stendardo

Vice President, Risk Control,

Captive Resources, LLC.

I've attended probably thirty or forty industry conferences in my time as a journalist and I can say with certainty that you are by far the most dynamic speaker I've heard at any conference!

Larry Graff


LRP Publications

The "Energized Approach" is a substantive, genuine cultural message that crosses boundaries from safety into all aspects of a business with a bold impact. Michael provided a dynamic presentation to more than three hundred and fifty employees at all levels of my company and the feedback was clear that Michael delivered and touched everyone on a personal level. Michael will be an ongoing, integral part of Veit's culture from this point forward.

Scott Weislow

Vice President, Corporate Administration & Risk Management,


At our public utility, the internal customers (our employees) have very high expectations when it comes to training and development. After all, time is money. Michael delivered powerful messages with charisma, high energy and enthusiasm! His delivery style is second to none and we look forward to inviting him back to provide the tools to re-energize our workforce.

Marny L. Billings

Manager of Business Services,

Rochester Public Utilities

Within 5 minutes, I was captivated by Michael's enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and passion. To my disappointment, the hour-long session felt like it was over in 20 minutes…I could have listened to Michael for another hour! I had the opportunity to invite him to my company to present. People were talking about it many months afterwards! In my book, this is the true measure of success.

Sue Fox

Project Manager,

Starbucks Coffee Company

You know a presentation had an impact when people are still talking about it 8 months later!

Phillip E. Hall

Human Resources Manager,

Marathon Ashland

Of all the sessions and speakers, your session on "The Energized Approach to Training" scored the highest overall in every category. You had 111 attendees – the highest attended session in the entire conference, including workshops. 100% of those attendees completed session evaluations (also the highest). I've been in this business for a while, have consulted with major trade show companies around the globe, and I have never had 100% response rate in terms of completed evaluations. You obviously did a lot right.

Norien Hutchinson

Conference Director,

Continental Exhibitions, Inc.

Working with Michael is always a pleasure. He is a dynamic, energetic and humorous speaker that never fails to entertain, inspire…and educate our audiences. His most recent keynote and breakout sessions received rave reviews and left the audience excited, motivated and asking for more.

Regina M. Hoffman

Director, Continuing Education,

Minnesota Safety Council

Michael brings high energy and great enthusiasm to the job. He has a unique ability to get the audience thinking differently and questioning the status quo. His presentations bring smiles to the faces of even the most seasoned employees. If your organization wants to kick-start a program or needs to energize the work environment, Michael's messages and presentations will get the job done.

John B. McMurtry, CIH, CSP

Senior Manager, Corporate Safety and Health,

Northwest Airlines